A fast and convenient financing service to meet the needs of your business.

The platforms of Atlax 360, Yndika, and Triniom allow you to finance your invoices in real-time, addressing your company's cash flow peaks.

Funds available in just 4 hours

Online contracting and automatic transfer of funds.

Real-time listed portfolio

Thanks to our integration capabilities, we have all your pre-listed invoices, with no waiting time!

Up to €100,000 from 0.5%

Advance payment of your invoices at 30/60/90 and 120 days.

Non-recourse: without assuming the risk of non-payment

In case your client doesn't pay, you won't be affected, we take care of it.

graphic explaining the Atlax360 operation process


Our service works like an e-commerce, selecting and adding the invoices to be financed to the cart, with immediate online contracting.

Proactive identification of invoices to be financed with immediate quotation

All based on our RIIM (Immediate Default Risk) and LCA (Atlax 360 Credit Limit) indicators.

Competitive prices linked to the debtor's risk profile

A dynamic pricing engine thanks to the analytical and technological capabilities of Atlax 360 that allow for the automation of fraud and risk evaluation processes.

It does not add CIRBE

Without affecting your company's balance sheet. It is possible to obtain financing without appearing in CIRBE (Central Information of Risks of the Bank of Spain). Being non-recourse, you are exempt from responsibility in case of your client's insolvency.

Savings on financial and management costs

Ensure the liquidity and cash flow planning of your company while delegating to us all administrative tasks related to credit management. You can focus all your efforts on what really matters, your business.