Digitise your collection department worldwide

Every company generates thousands of invoices every month. Thousands of small tasks to perform, thousands of tasks for your team. Many of these tasks are valuable, but many others are mechanical and easily automated by Yndika in any of the territories where your company is located.

Tailor-made procedures

Design your own flows autonomously, combining automatic actions with tasks to be performed by your team.


For possible complaints with the customer, it is essential to have a record of each of the actions carried out by your team and the response they had. With Yndika, you will have a single repository of information for all your organisational units.

Tailored to each company

Yndika is multi-language and multi-currency. This flexibility will allow you to have every action with every customer in your language and in the currency you billed them.

Yndika is an excellent tool for embarking on digital transformation, allowing you to visualise the status of collections with just a few clicks and thus make decisions with up-to-date information.
Lo Valledor

Cristian Santander

Agricultural Industrial CFO Lo Valledor

Thousands of invoices, orderly management

Customer segmentation

Customisable collection management groups to facilitate transactions. Gain efficiency by designing specific actions for each type. The groups are dynamic: the situation of each customer is changing and this must be reflected in the collection actions.

A single environment

Information from all countries, from all ERPs, consolidated in one place. Policies are unified in a single platform for both local and corporate consultation.

Efficiency measurement

Each team performs the actions of its own portfolio, but Yndika will allow you to obtain management indicators to analyse the effectiveness of your actions and detect areas for immediate improvement.

Collection flows tailored to your organisation

Maximum customisation

Each customer is unique. Combine automated dunning processes for market customer invoices with differentiated procedures for strategic customers. Yndika allows you to send standard or certified emails and SMSs.

Flexibility and agile configuration

In an online and intuitive way, you will be able to create customised and dynamic flows that will allow you to save time for your team in a clear way, creating automatic execution actions with internal tasks for your collection teams.

Policy compliance

Check exactly how you want your policy to be and see how each scheduled event is automatically executed as planned at any given time.

Management record, a comprehensive view of each of your debtors

Combined information

Up-to-date ERP information, with a breakdown of all completed and pending actions, as well as unique risk indicators tailored and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Management of commercial disputes

Mark and control commercial conflicts with customers in a clear and simple way to deal with them in a special way.

Digital file per customer

Monitor all the steps taken by your team throughout the collection process with the customer.

Yndika allows you to systematise your debt recovery processes, saving your organisation management time. We save up to 70% of time by eliminating mechanical tasks, and allowing your collections teams to focus on those truly exceptional cases.

Improvement of KPIs

Every day that we manage to shorten the DSO means better cash flow, which will have an immediate impact on the company's liquidity. Our customers have reduced their DSO by an average of 10.5%.

Collection monitoring and organisation

Our risk indicators will enable your teams to orchestrate your debt recovery procedures in a proactive and standardised manner.

Comprehensive management

Managing potential problems with customers over overdue invoices is complex. That is why we consider that an aligned management between all the departments involved is the basic pillar of your order-to-cash process. With a streamlined new business assessment process and proactive customer follow-up, the collection process will be much simpler and the company’s situation much healthier.