Automate credit sales decision making in any territory or business unit

Selling on credit involves continuous negotiations between the commercial and financial departments. It involves defining and implementing policies, making constant requests for information, developing risk indicators, and a lot of management time. Yndika eliminates manual tasks to focus on what is important: carrying out sound and controlled credit sales transactions, adapted to the level of risk to be assumed.


Maximum flexibility to design and implement policies at the level you need (business, territory, organisational unit).

Risk indicators

Standardised, objective and comparable, incorporating new machine learning techniques to learn from each transaction performed.


Certainty in the application of risk policies in a clear manner throughout the organisation.

Today, 100% of the intake of new credits are given through the platform. This has basically allowed us is to reduce the time from 4 days to 1 day in the decision to admit or not a credit.

Manuel Piñeiro

Finance Manager. Quimtia

Fully customised admission process

Adapted to the characteristics of your company

Including more than 200 variables in the decision process, and considering different geographical areas or lines of business.

Integration with your CRM / ERP systems

Extensive portfolio of web services to streamline decision making without leaving your work environment.

Unlimited users

Both the sales force and the credit and financial analysts have their own user adapted to their role in the company, and with a mobile version for direct use by the sales teams.

Real-time request result

It is not a system of rules

Yndika is based on artificial intelligence, with gradient boosting techniques that learn from each new credit sale transaction.

Immediate results and objectives

Know at all times the reasons that lead to the approval or denial of an application for a credit sale transaction.

Your own information is your competitive advantage

Convert your ERP data into completely unique risk indicators, valid for both old and new customers.

Traceability and Governance


Manage and view all transactions performed by teams in any organisational unit.

Effectiveness KPIs

Yndika allows you to review the information provided in each case for decision making and to audit the results obtained.

Interdepartmental communication

Thanks to a sophisticated review and approval workflow, according to internal attributions, which leaves traces of each phase.

Yndika has helped more than 2,000 companies around the world and across all industries to automate an increasingly complex and sophisticated process, saving 70% of the time spent on new credit sales transactions and 80% on the analysis of existing customers demanding an increase in the credit line.

Two-way communication

Facilitate collaboration between commercial and credit areas with a clear and totally objective system for decision making.

Silo breakage

Allow information to flow within the company, between departments, between businesses, between countries, between subsidiaries and between corporate.


Standardise the flow of transactions and tools used across all territories.