Cloud-native platform

Scalable, modular, and multi-cloud native architecture.


Additional backup to your information under the highest security standards.

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning to create custom predictive indicators for your company.

Implementation and support

Integrated with your ERP in an agile and secure way, minimizing the dedication of your teams.

Innovation as a strategic objective

Embedded Finance

We are committed to facilitating financial services in an integrated way in our solutions, for agile, secure, and with the best possible user experience.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has exponentially increased the predictive capacity of our commercial default risk models. We apply neural networks to detect behavioral patterns.

Big Data

We have found that payment behavior information is the best asset in risk evaluation. We process thousands of B2B transactions daily.

Generating value with our alliances

We have the most advanced technological capabilities in the industry, counting on the best partners in the development of our solutions.

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What our customers say

“Digitalization has changed the way of working and has come to stay, a much more directed and efficient world. It is a competitive advantage to have initially bet on technologies that provide you with that information on payment behavior indicators, such as RIIM, from Atlax 360, which is the future of companies.”
Mahou San Miguel

Luis Miguel Granizo Pérez

Director of Risks and Financial Management of Clients