High value in financial management.

Management Control

Integrate different subsidiaries of your group on a single platform, under a standardised system but in a harmonised way, taking into account the differences that may exist between business lines or regions.

Order to Cash process optimisation

Cloud platform adapted to your organisational structure that covers everything from the assessment of transactions to their effective collection.

Continuous service

Customised credit risk indicators that are updated daily and articulate your OTC processes. They make it possible for behavioural changes of credit customers to be anticipated in real time.

Contribution to management control

Standardisation and control

Adoption of corporate policies

  • Uniform management in all subsidiaries.
  • Supervision and agility in the implementation of changes.

Immediate reporting

Standardised measurement of KPIs

  • Facilitate control of transactions at the individual and consolidated level.
  • Real-time management and business reports and KPIs at corporate and subsidiary level.

Audit and traceability

Treasury control and statement management.

  • Expected loss model for compliance with IFRS 9.
  • Classification of all transactions carried out with digital file by debtor.

Order to Cash process optimisation.

Control of the entire portfolio

Standardised real-time indicators.

  • Credit limits adapted to each country and each customer portfolio updated in real time and integrated into its ERP/CRM.
  • Tailored portfolio segmentation with proactive risk alerts.

Transactions assessment

Credit transactions intake process.

  • Automatic and customisable from each branch and user level.
  • Online response with status and user traceability.

Collection automation

Differentiated collection flows

  • Automated communication processes differentiated by segment.
  • Internal task management system.

Real-time indicators

Atlax 360 develops customised credit risk indicators for each customer based on Machine Learning.

These indicators allow for maximum predictive capacity, 100% real-time control of your portfolio, and greater objectivity and security in credit risk assessments.

Immediate Default Risk

Probability of default in the payment of your invoices in the very short term (90 days).

Payment Behaviour Index

Measures how and to what extent a debtor is paying its commitments on time and on budget.

Atlax Credit Limit

Maximum monetary amount to be granted to a debtor at a given time and with an associated level of risk.