Our implementation approach ensures a quick launch of the Yndika platform in just a few weeks, with minimal involvement from your IT and finance teams.

Multi-ERP connection

We connect to any ERP, anywhere in the world. All of your users will work under a unified platform, regardless of whether they use one or several ERPs.

We offer various integration options and have developed a wide suite of connectors to the main market references, including SAP, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, Oracle, Random, Primavera, Siesa, etc.

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How is Yndika implemented?

What our customers say

“The synchronization was excellent from the very beginning. They have demonstrated a lot of professionalism and transparency. Our operation and ERP were very complex and they have been with us every step of the way, from implementation to today.”

Mauro Setti

Credit Manager, responsible for Credit, Invoicing and Treasury Department at Euromaster Spain and Portugal

Agility and efficiency, with resilient and unattended 24x7 services:

Easy installation and possibility of multiple environments and UAT (User Acceptance Testing).

Non-intrusive integration model, with raw data download from the ERP's native API, without requiring any software/application in your environment. No dependencies on the management and maintenance of the connection.

Access to information in read-only mode.

Transformation of information to Atlax 360's data model outside of your environment (avoiding unnecessary queries and processing).

Multiple federated security modes with Oauth2 or basic authentication on Cloud or OnPremise environments.

HTTPS communication on SSL port 443 from microservices in the cloud.

Temporary tokens that expire after a few minutes of disuse. In 100% Cloud environments, security is managed by the ERP manufacturer.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of integration services that allow you to execute the entire Order to Cash process functionality from your internal systems: credit admission requests, credit risk indicators for your portfolio and potentials, collection task management, etc.

Customer-Centric Support

Our Consulting team focuses on helping our clients from process definition to implementation, with support throughout the change management process.

In addition, our Customer Success team ensures the proper functioning of your Yndika platform. We continuously analyze the evolution of your KPIs, both in achieving efficiencies in credit granting processes, monitoring, debt recovery, and reporting; and in improving the performance of your portfolio (e.g. DSO, sales growth, delinquency and default, etc.).

What our customers say

“The experience has been very positive. We have constant communication with the Atlax 360 team, they have always had the best disposition to help us and provide excellent support. Atlax 360 has been our great ally in optimizing our OTC process.”

Vanessa Varas

Accounts Analyst