Our innovative Yndika platform operates in a multi-cloud environment , based on the intensive simultaneous use of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, providing resilience and less dependence.

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Modular architecture based on native cloud API and standard data model, which facilitates the development of connected functionalities.

Microservices in .Net Core and Python deployed on MultiCloud Linux node clusters.

Containerization based on Docker and managed orchestration services (Kubernetes).

Infrastructure as code in Terraform to ensure MultiCloud deployments.

Native cloud databases such as Snowflake and Big Query.

Scalability, a platform with no user limit, with global access and availability.

Interview with José Ramón González, CTO at Atlax 360 AWS Talks with Leaders

Your partner in your digital transformation process

We transform Order to Cash processes by using Yndika as a SaaS platform enabling full automation of your collections and contributing to the efficiency of your Accounts Receivable processes.

What our customers say

“We designed a robust and modern platform that allowed us to take the next step to capture new business opportunities. This allows us to reach the customer with a completely different value proposition, which can be a parameter of comparison with the rest of the market where it can satisfy all the needs of both the client and the consumer.”
Cocacola Andina

Erwin Vargas Rojas

Treasury, Credit and Collections Sub-Manager