Atlax 360 is a multinational company specialising in B2B credit risk . Our cloud platforms, Yndika and Triniom , contribute to management control and allow companies of any size to optimise their order-to-cash processes , providing efficiency and improving portfolio KPIs.

We offer cutting-edge financial services available in just a few clicks: transaction-based credit insurance.

The uniqueness of both services lies in the advanced analytical capabilities of Atlax 360 and the use of machine learning techniques, which facilitate the immediacy of their contracting and the reduction of associated costs.

+ 2,000 customers

in 31 countries rely on our innovative solutions.

+ 300 professionals

with direct presence in Chile, Colombia, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Peru and Portugal.

We have the backing

of the best technology partners in the market.


Yes. Trust is the key word.

The customer experience is our central focus. We seek to become the essential ally in your day-to-day life. Our corporate purpose is enriched by aligning with and exceeding your goals.

Strategic mission

Accelerate business growth through the cutting-edge solutions that we offer to our clients.


Yes. Continue to contribute.

Commitment to continuous improvement united under a common project. To create solutions that serve in a dynamic and growth-generating element.

Our vision

Contribute to economic and social development by promoting credit in a secure manner.

Our values

Yes, our philosophy is recognised.

Our business model places the customer at the centre of our decisions. We are committed to them and at the same time to creating positive effects in our various fields of activity.

Our culture is inclusive and empathetic.

“Like the world we believe in.”

The pursuit of excellence in customer service is the value that best defines us as a company. We want to offer an efficient, ethical and quality service.


We work with our clients on a daily basis to understand their circumstances in detail and to be able to offer a tailor-made service.


We always try to be one step ahead of our customers' needs. Challenges are part of our ability to improve.


We act with integrity, seeking the maximum benefit for our clients, earning their trust with reliability and rigour.

Think big. Respond quickly.

“Seek opportunities.”

Our company has a technological heart, but we know that our main asset is our great multidisciplinary team.

Ambitious goals

We question existing solutions and think outside the box to offer state-of-the-art solutions.

Digital natives

We are able to offer our services and support in real time from anywhere in the world.

Avant-garde and dynamic:

We strive to keep abreast of trends in the business world and incorporate the latest technological advances.

We are global. We are all different.

“With a common spirit.”

We all have value to offer. As a global company we know that teamwork is a key element for success.

Cooperation as the essence

We are committed to a way of working where collaboration between teams is not only necessary, but also very enriching.

Being part of a great project

We take on the expectations of all our stakeholders as our own. We feel Atlax 360 and we are proud of it.


We foster an open atmosphere of communication and internal recognition. The work of each and every one of our employees is important.

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