Set up your own policy and manage it in just a few clicks.

No need to insure all your sales, with a flexible and efficient credit insurance policy, reducing the bureaucracy and administrative burden associated with it.

A solution customised to the needs of your company, which allows you to protect and insure only the customers you require. Pay a premium for the invoices actually covered and avoid costs and inconveniences derived from non-payment. Our cloud platform allows the control and optimisation of both the insured and uninsured portfolio, gaining efficiency and freeing up your teams' time.

graphic explaining the Atlax360 operation process

Flexible Coverage

No commitment to insure all your sales

For any type of client

Micro-SMEs, self-employed, non-commercial companies, etc.

Flexible duration of coverage

3, 6 or 12 months.

90% coverage

In the event of a claim.

Cost Savings

Elimination of costs linked to the traditional policy.

No classification and maintenance costs

Without opening nor claim file expenses

No recovery expenses

No other hidden costs

Such as the administrative management of the policy.

With the Best Guarantee

We are an underwriting agency of the Munich Re group.

Munich RE is a world-leading provider of reinsurance, direct insurance and near-insurance risk solutions. The company is active worldwide in all lines of insurance and stands out for its unique risk expertise and outstanding financial strength.

Operational Simplicity. Less Bureaucracy

With an integrated backoffice reducing the administrative tasks associated with credit insurance.

Fully integrated with your system

No specific communications.

Policyholder management card

Traceability of all actions. Automatic communications to the debtor.

Proactive alert system

Linked to policy requirements.

Streamlined claims process

Online claim declaration.


Fast activation of coverage for new customers in real time, without waiting.

Tablet showing Yndika application section

No waiting time.
No change in conditions.

Assessment of potentials

In real time.

Possibility to add uninsured clients

To your policy at any time.


Prevention and control over the entire portfolio, insured and uninsured, thanks to our Yndika cloud platform that allows you to:

Transaction Evaluation


Risk Monitoring


Debt Recovery



End-to-end online service

Our cloud platform, Yndika, allows you to control, monitor and optimise both the insured and uninsured portfolio.

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Yndika Flexible Credit Insurance will provide protection and prevention tailored to your company:

100% control of your portfolio:

With the peace of mind of an insurance policy and self-management mechanisms for the uninsured portfolio.

Process Automation:

Gaining efficiency and freeing up your teams' time, both for the management of the insured and uninsured portfolio.

And with the tranquility of protecting your credit sales against possible non-payments.