How you can assess your company’s financial risk

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The role of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is to be responsible for all economic and financial planning and management of the company.

This also includes the assessment and management of financial risk, the impact of which should be minimised as far as possible.

In order to carry out this work, it is necessary to have all the information available and the appropriate resources, to reach the most appropriate conclusions and to be able to make correct and immediate decisions.

Atlax 360 makes this possible through Yndika, a fully customisable platform for each business unit that harmonises and unifies its management, with which to carry out global control in the same environment, under a standardised system that facilitates decision-making processes, even at an international level.

Risk monitoring with Yndika

Yndika allows you to monitor the behaviour of your entire customer portfolio in a practical and intuitive way.

This is possible thanks to a real-time connection to your ERP, which can be set up very quickly with a start-up time of several weeks and with a minimum commitment from your IT and financial teams.

This risk monitoring is based on effective portfolio segmentation, with dynamic tracking groups that alert you to where there is a risk to focus your attention.

For large firms, this is a very useful asset, as the large number of active clients requires efficient coverage by each small local team. With appropriate segmentation, teams can focus on those customer groups that are of most concern.

For simple, personalised analysis, real-time risk indicators are enabled through machine learning techniques. With these indicators, you can see patterns of behaviour among your customers and anticipate risk problems (such as non-payment) for which there may still be months to go.

Obviously not all customers need the same type of monitoring. With the alert system you can receive notifications about a company’s changing situation and link appropriate action plans to each of them.

For example, you can set up notifications to reach the person responsible for the account, even if he or she is a professional in another country.

Prevention as a solution to minimise risks

The main exponent of Yndika’s usefulness for financial risk assessment is to prevent the occurrence of complicated situations in the company, which may lead to a lack of liquidity, non-payments or debts that are difficult to resolve.

Before starting up the entire collection management machinery, which can also be configured from this platform, the first step is to adopt prevention strategies through solutions to insure your invoices and minimise the company’s financial risk.

Flexible credit insurance

The first solution available to you is flexible credit insurance, an innovative policy where you do not need to insure all your sales, but only those customer invoices you want to protect.

Yndika Flexible Credit Insurance allows you to control and optimise both your insured and uninsured portfolio. This will help you gain efficiency in your work and have a flexible coverage that will not deteriorate your relationship with your customer.

A policy that also eliminates costs linked to traditional policies such as rating, maintenance, opening, recovery and no other hidden costs.

In fact, it helps to simplify all the operations linked to traditional credit insurance, thanks to an integrated back-office that reduces administrative tasks.

Non-recourse factoring

Another recently available service is the possibility of financing, through the factoring service available from Yndika, with which you can finance your invoices in real time, as recommended by your company’s cash flow conditions.

A service adapted to the current needs of companies, which allows you to have the amount of an invoice not yet collected in just 4 hours, with a convenient online contracting and an automatic transfer of funds.

With non-recourse factoring you can advance the collection of invoices for 30, 60, 90 and up to 120 days for up to 100,000 euros, without having to assume the risk of non-payment.

These financial services allow any CFO to have greater control over their financial risk, their debtors, and ultimately, the cash flow and solvency of the corporation.

The ATLAX 360 credit insurance service is provided by ESPISAN AGENCIA DE SUSCRIPCIÓN S.L., CIF B93742120 and number of Registro Administrativo de Distribuidores de Seguros y Reaseguros AS-0108, an agency of Great Lakes Insurance SE, a Munich Re company.

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