Corporate tools: The key to internationalisation for B2B companies

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When it comes to facing the challenges of the global market, good management control is key. Corporations need tools that are intuitive, highly accessible, agile and accurate. In other words, they need them to be useful and to accompany them throughout the Order to Cash process. They must also enable them to make the right decisions almost automatically.

More and more companies are selling their products and services in international markets. However, not all of them can afford to invest in the necessary digital transformation that will enable them to be competitive.

Having the best tools available, permanently updated, scalable and adaptable to any size of company is what a SaaS platform facilitates. Through Atlax 360, any company, small or large, can dimension its solutions at affordable costs. This guarantees their ability to compete, which favours their penetration of markets with equal opportunities.

The importance of management control in international B2B operations

Most sales in the B2C segment are cash sales. If they are financed, very few are financed with the supplier’s own resources. The integrated financing of these sales has established itself in various forms and has been successfully taken up by all factors.

In B2B transactions, however, it becomes more complex. In this operation, the trade credit granted by the supplier to its customers is often a fundamental part of the OTC process. Often, the ability to attract new customers, and to build customer loyalty, depends on the supplier’s ability to be flexible in collections.

This adds a number of specific requirements to the companies’ management control. Companies not only have to make the product available to customers,

compete on price, quality and service, deliver it and collect payment. In addition, this collection has to be deferred, sometimes up to 120 days or more after delivery. This means controlling the following processes:

  • Analysing the financial risk of new customers to establish the best possible conditions.
  • Monitoring the payment behaviour of the existing customer portfolio in real time.
  • Using financial solutions that provide the necessary liquidity to the company.
  • Defer the risk of non-payment by insuring the debt.
  • To have tools that facilitate the management of Accounts Receivable.

Added difficulties when these processes are applied to a multinational context

The study and decision-making in these situations becomes even more complicated when applied to different countries and markets.

When talking about the internationalisation of sales, analysis and segmentation become vitally important in the development of algorithms and predictive models. The fact is that each country has different conditions and circumstances. Thus, the same indicators cannot be estimated in the same way in each region.

The tools must be flexible and configurable, but at the same time allow the introduction of procedural standards applicable to all subsidiaries. This process of corporate homogenisation is essential.

Similarly, speed in decision-making is essential. This requires several strengths in the system:

  • Reliable sources of information that feed the bases of the system in real time and in each country of action.
  • The data they provide must be representative and in large quantities, big data.
  • That the system provides a highly intuitive interface.
  • That it allows a high level of automation of recurring processes.
  • It must be accessible from anywhere.

Only in this way can the organisation’s corporate CFO and his or her team focus on making the best and most agile decisions for each moment and country.

Corporate solutions facilitated by Atlax 360

Atlax 360’s SaaS platform Yndika has all the necessary features to ensure complete control of the management of the OTC process in international sales.

With a direct presence in numerous countries, the platform’s behavioural database processes millions of invoices and transactional documents daily. This allows the development of customised reports for each corporation and its subsidiaries with the shortest response times.

The Yndika cloud solution unifies, improves and enhances Order to Cash processes to the highest level. Through decision making based on big data, it generates a clear competitive advantage in all international objectives of each organisation.

The use of algorithms processed with artificial intelligence systems equipped with Machine Learning, allows to configure a differentiated treatment for the different markets and sectors.

Good corporate tools thus become the best ally of organisations to address their internationalisation. Only agile, unified, improved and enhanced management control with the best digital transformation systems guarantees success in all markets.

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