Atlax 360, one of Granada’s largest technology companies

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Atlax 360 is one of the technology companies with headquarters and capital in Granada that will grow this year, according to the media Ideal and taking as a reference the turnover data collected by the national organisation Smart City Cluster. Other companies include SIDN Digital Thinking, Grupo Trevenque, Cívica Software and Galdon Software.


According to this media, Granada has a powerful local ecosystem that plans to increase its turnover figures by around 20% on average by 2023, which demonstrates the health of the city’s business fabric as well as the boom in this sector.


Atlax 360 is a multinational group specialising in B2B credit risk. Its cloud platforms, Yndika and Triniom, allow companies of any size to optimise their global Accounts Receivable management processes proactively, using Artificial Intelligence to control everything from the admission of a new order, its evolution, to collection management, providing efficiency and improving portfolio KPIs.


With innovation as one of its strategic objectives, Atlax 360 has a state-of-the-art technological ecosystem, working continuously to ensure that its financial platforms and services are backed by robust, scalable and secure technological solutions.


This spirit of innovation and continuous improvement means that Atlax 360 continues to develop new products, such as the Supply Chain Finance offering embedded in its platforms, launching credit insurance and financing services available in just a few clicks, bringing more visibility to the cash flow forecasts of the client’s portfolio.


The Atlax 360 technology is based on the following pillars:




Committed to security at all times, they have policies, procedures and security systems that guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. The company has certifications such as ISO 27001 / ISO 9001 or adherence to different global standards, among other initiatives.


Cloud-native platforms


Atlax 360 has a layered, scalable, modular and cloud-native architecture, which is managed in an automated and totally secure way. Its Yndika and Triniom platforms are in a muticloud environment, providing less dependency and greater resilience.


Artificial Intelligence and Data Cloud


With the union of artificial intelligence and human intelligence, they apply different Machine Learning techniques and create customised risk indicators with a powerful analytical capacity and the best predictability in the market thanks to their own calculation engine.


Implementation and Support


Atlax 360’s implementation approach guarantees a quick start-up of its platforms, in just a few weeks and with a minimum dedication of its clients’ IT and financial teams. In addition, it allows connection to multiple ERPs in an agile and efficient manner.


In short, Atlax 360 is committed to the digital transformation of companies, and its main objective is to help companies of any size to transform their Order to Cash processes through the use of its SaaS platforms, allowing the full automation of their collections and contributing to the efficiency of their processes.

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