5 ways to attract the best IT talent to your company

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In today’s competitive environment, here are some keys to help your company find the best IT talent and not be left behind in the digital transformation process that all business sectors are undergoing.


What is it and why is it important to introduce it in your company?


If there is one thing that has been evident in recent years, it is the technological evolution that both society and companies have undergone. But sometimes business needs move faster than the training required, and that is why it is essential to ensure that your company is attractive to the best talent, including IT talent.


IT talent encompasses professionals with technological skills who know how technology and the online world can help improve a company’s performance through programming, development, software and other processes. In addition, these professionals have the ability to convince the rest of the organisation of the benefits of the digital transformation process.


Currently, this profile is in high demand, and this industry has an unemployment rate of only 4%, while the supply of this type of professional is growing by 11% every quarter. So how can companies meet their needs? Hardly. And the fact is that 70% of companies cannot easily find the IT talent they need to incorporate into their industries.


With the demand for IT talent so high and the supply of services so low, more and more technology professionals are deciding to become freelancers. The idea of freelancing appeals to them because they can organise their work as they like, have their own schedule and price their services as they see fit.


Ways to attract the best IT talent to your company


  1. Build relationships with IT experts

Here you should have someone who attends network management events, join associations for IT professionals, such as ISACA, and maintain a database of a variety of talent in case you need to use them.


  1. Highlight career development

For young professionals, there is an opportunity in smaller companies as they offer incentive opportunities for the future. In much larger corporations staff can focus and specialise in specific domains, whereas in smaller companies they are taught multiple skills, which in the long run will be very important for their professional growth.


  1. Offer flexibility

IT talent generally prefers a flexible working style and autonomy. Flexible working hours and an open office environment are a must for IT staff.


  1. Focus on employee wellbeing

Various surveys conducted in recent years conclude that technology job applicants are more interested in health care benefits than impressive titles. So if you want to retain IT talent, make sure you offer more attention to the general wellbeing of your employees, for example with wellness programmes or details such as healthy snacks or sports classes.


  1. Consider rotations over promotions

Considering that the IT environment is quite complex, skilled IT workers may want to develop their careers horizontally to learn skills outside of the technology field to better move up the corporate ladder.


Therefore, if you are interested in implementing a new organisational design that motivates employee development in your company, look for a way in which employees are happy and can grow professionally, focusing on innovation and self-management, letting them recognise their skills and their value as a worker. In this way you will not only keep talent, but you will also find benefits for your company.

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