Direct impact on your results.

We deliver significant savings through improved credit decision making and a reduction in operating costs and risks with an average payback of 10 months.

Global management control

Integrate companies or regions of your organisation on a single platform, under a standardised system that facilitates corporate policies and decision-making processes.

Optimisation and transparency in your OTC processes

Simplified onboarding of new customers and automation of debtors management processes, reducing management time and improving performance.

Continuous service

Daily calculation of credit assessment risk indicators customised to each organisation and articulating their OTC processes.

Commitment to your satisfaction

In 2022, our customers rated Atlax 360 after-sales service with a score of 8.4. Our Customer Success team is responsible for ensuring the achievement of your objectives.

What our customers say

Over the past 12 months, the DSO has dropped by 5 days and has allowed for a looser cash flow.

Cristian Santander

Administration and Finance Manager - AASA / Lo Valledor

We improve the creditworthiness of your portfolio (DSO and bad debt, among others), lowering your operating costs.

We provide management efficiency thanks to the systematisation of OTC processes, from the analysis of new transactions to debt recovery.

State-of-the-art financial services. Immediate quotation of your invoices, quick contracting and integrated back office for the management of your policy. No waiting, no additional costs, no paperwork.

Transaction-based credit insurance available in just a few clicks

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