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Cloud Platforms for Accounts Receivable Process Optimisation

Cloud Platforms for Accounts Receivable Process Optimisation: How to improve your business with the right SW

Organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of automating their processes and of knowing their market and how their customers behave. This has led them to implement Accounts Receivable (AR) management software solutions, traditionally a manually intensive and multi-departmental process. According to IDC, 56% of organisations consider AR workflow automation a high priority.

For many companies, the first stop when selecting additional tools to extend functionality is their financial application ecosystems. This choice can cause us to miss out on added functionality from other vendors.

In this IDC Technology Spotlightech, you’ll learn the most important benefits of adding AR management solutions, and the keys to choosing the right solution:

On a financial level, they improve the management and assessment of trade credit risk.

They optimise the customer experience through better segmentation and greater agility and process automation.

They improve customer assessment and communication between departments to avoid silos within organisations.

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